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My apologies but this section is always under construction.

This bicycle engine kit installation section is taking a long time to get done. It is more or less almost impossible to hold a camera as I do an installation. I am trying though, and will soon have a little more in here...hopefully.

The sprocket installation section is done. It actually doesn't look all that bad. I did the sprocket first because I feel it is the first item that you should install when you are doing your bicycle engine kit. I also did it first because I think it is the hardest and most time consuming part of the installation of these bicycle engine kits. If you can do this part, you've got it made and the rest will be a piece of cake, lol.

I finally had time to photograph everything as I did an installation. I couldn't make the little mini videos that I was hoping for though...found it impossible to hold the camera and do the work at the same time, lol.

The installation that I did manage to take pictures of isn't done on a bike that I would's a little small but it does give you an idea about what is involved. The bike is a 19.5 inch Columbia "Trailhead" which retails for $250 at SportMart. This is my most popular seller. At $650 this bike is ready to ride.


Check back once in awhile. I'm sure to have it completed soon...I hope, lol.

Yes, I still have this eating away in the back of my mind everyday. I just haven't had the time to do it the way that it should be done.

I have uploaded installation documents here so people can see what is involved with an installation of these bicycle engine kits. You can right-click here and download a copy of the installation.doc file.

I am only posting it on here because many people have asked to see how hard it is to install one of these kits. I think that these bicycle engine kits are very easy to install, and are the greatest thing out there for anyone that uses a bike as transportation...even if you've lost your license, lost your desire to pay into the pockets of the insurance companies, don't want to pay an arm and a leg for gas, etc, etc. I don't know how anyone could live without one of these kits.

bulletVerify kit contents -
bullet Sprocket - Done and ready to see
bulletCarb & Throttle -
bulletEngine -
bulletClutch & Chain -
bulletExhaust -
bullet Electrical - Done and ready to see
bulletAdjusting your clutch cable after it has stretched
bullet Engine top end (piston, rings, wrist pin and/or bearing, base gasket, head gasket)...this shows the basics of changing out any of those.

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